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Deb and Kristen

January 12, 2018, meeting notes:

*1)      **Introductions*

Several owners and crew attended the fleet meeting held at Island YC in

*2)      **2017 Awards (First Place)*

a)      White sails – Alegre, Chris Klein

b)      Spinnaker/Long Haul – High and Dry, Igor Polevoy

c)      Women skipper – Meliki, Deb Fehr

d)      Sportsmanship – Not awarded this year.

*3)      **Race Season*

a)      Schedule (See attached PDF for all dates)

i)        White sails. A list of races was provided that includes the
typical dates the fleet participates. Similar to last year, we agreed to
stay with the YRA schedule and the Wheeler Regatta, and add two CBRA races.
I’m working with YRA and CBRA to confirm the schedule and have them post
the sign up links on Jibeset; I’ll let you know when it’s ready to sign up.
The Big Daddy and Great Pumpkin are not part of this year’s season. The
list of races is below.

ii)      Long haul. This is essentially the spinnaker series with a twist.
Both non-spinnaker and spinnaker are allowed to participate in this series.
Boats racing non-spin will be given a boost to their PHRF rating to be more
competitive with the boats flying spinnakers. This rating adjustment will
not be applied to the races results, but will be applied after the fact by
the fleet for our internal standings. The list of races is below.

iii)    Short-handed. There was a discussion to include short-handed races
as a category. Scoring (PHRF rating) within the fleet would be modified
based on single/doublehanded and spinnaker/non-spinnaker. There seemed to
be some interest. The topic was tabled.

b)      Nationals: Monterey YC on July 20-22. Practice races on Friday with
competition on Saturday (3 races) and Sunday (2 races). More info to come.
Monterey has a hoist and trailer storage.

*4)      **Other Activities*

a)      Spring tune-up / start clinic. Deb Fehr to take the lead. Date in
February, yet to be determined.

b)      Cruise in/out. Kristen Soetebier to take the lead. Date and
location to be determined.

c)      Tuna Tuesday. Chris Nicholas to take the lead. Match racing at
Island YC on Tuesday evenings. Dates and times to be announced.

*5)      **Rules Reminder*

a)      Fleet and YRA. This was a simple reminder that there are fleet
rules and YRA rules. The YRA equipment list and Santana 22 rules can be
found on the internet.

*6)      **Mentor Program*

No attendees present that wanted to be paired with a mentor.

*7)      **Fleet Dues*

If you want to be considered in the fleet standings for any racing
category, your dues of $40 have to be paid in full for 2018. There is a
PayPal link on the website to make paying your dues easier.

*8)      **Discussion / Questions*

Bob from BAMA was present to discuss one of their new race formats. On
March 24, BAMA is hosting their 5 doublehanded races in 1. As S22’s are not
typically outfitted to meet the requirements for ocean racing, there is an
option for us to race to which is called “Race to the Sea”. The boundary
line for this race is a line through Pt. Bonita and Mile Rock. Start –
boundary line – finish. More information at http://www.sfbama.org/. If we
get 4-5 Santana’s to sign up, we get our own start.

*White Sails Race Dates*



*# of Races*


Wheeler Regatta

2 or 3


YRA #1 – Knox/Bonita



YRA #2 - OC



YRA #3 – South Bay



YRA #4 - South Hampton



CBRA #4 – OC



CBRA #5 – City Front


Number of throw outs will be determined based on the number of races
completed in the Wheeler Regatta.

*Long Haul Race Dates*



*# of Races*

4/28 – 4/29

Great Vallejo Race



Westpoint Regatta



Jazz Cup


No throw outs.
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