Ware River Annual Regatta/VA Governor's Cup, August 5-6, 2006

Greg Jordan jordan at skycomp.com
Tue Aug 8 12:06:38 EDT 2006

Hi everyone,

I haven't seen a list of who's going / not going to Fishing Bay and who
might need crew, so I'll start the process now. Please respond w/ your
intentions and I'll make the lists (I believe that 4 or 5 boats are already
pre-positioned at the club, plus Jim Englert who will be coming up again
from the Norfolk area).

(BTW, hat's off to Lars & Jude who won the Virginia's Governors Cup last
weekend at Ware River!)

Greg Jordan

(Dan Miller, please contact me directly, I have a crew for you!)

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Subject: Ware River Annual Regatta/VA Governor's Cup, August 5-6, 2006


The Ware River Annual Regatta/VA Governor's Cup is shaping up to be a very
competitive regatta on the Albacore side.  Bill Buck has updated me for
PRAF, and Marty Hublitz will be back to defend his title as the Governor's
Cup winner for the Albacores in 2004(we weren't eligible last year as we had
a separate regatta for our North Americans).  We have a good list so far,
but need at least 5 or 6 more of our maybes to definitely committ to attend
to have a chance at beating the Hamptons for the Governor's Cup!  How about
those we haven't heard from yet? We need to shoot for at least 20 Albacores
to have a good shot at the Governor's Cup!

Here's the information:
The Ware River/Virginia Governor's Cup regatta will be held on August 5-6,
2006 at the Ware River Yacht Club, Gloucester, VA.  It is a CBYRA sanctioned
The website:  http://www.wareriveryachtclub.com/   This is the only official
website for the 42nd Governor's Cup. Here you can find all of the
information about the regatta is on the website along with the registration

Rolf and Sue
Jim & Susan Graham
Bill Buck
Greg/Kesshi/Alanna Jordan
Diane & Bob Goebes
Jim Hyatt & John Ferguson
Marty & Nancy Minot
George Wirth
Jim Englert
Daphne Byron
Bob Bear
Lloyd Leonard
Scott Snyder (needs crew)
Marty Hublitz

Barney Harris
Lars Rathjen
Jude Brown
Dan Miller
Les Crane
Ernest Ayukawa
Wilda Heiss
Khin Thein
Graham Allaway
Bill Sweitlik
Bill Kleysteuber

No (all with regrets)
Peter Duncan
Dave Huber
Jasper & Becky Craig
Dave Yemc

Hope to YOU there!

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