Ware River Annual Regatta/VA Governor's Cup, August 5-6, 2006

Greg Jordan jordan at skycomp.com
Thu Aug 10 10:50:09 EDT 2006

Update for this weekend: marine forecast 10-15 knots NE on Saturday; less on
Sunday. High temp's low 80's on land. Boat count is 9 based on responses so
far, with 10 if Jude can make it. A few more would be great if you can come!
(Speed and roll tacking coaching available, ask me!)

(Daphne, Bob, please fwd again to PRAF!)

Through this morning:
1. Barney Harris
2. Jim Englert
3. Greg & Alanna Jordan
4. Daphne Byron & Nate
5. Bob Bear
6. Jim & Sue Graham
7. George Wirth & Wilda Heiss
8. David Tator & John Liang
9. Erich Hesse & Scott Snyder

Jude Brown (dental work Thu. or Fri.)
Dan Miller (doubtful I think)

Available to crew
Lucian Casper

Jasper & Becky Craig
Peter Duncan
Rolf & Sue Zeisler
Bill Buck
Jim Hyatt
Lloyd Leonard
Lars (resting on laurels & keeping 'fridge stocked w/ pickles...; Happy
birthday, Janice!)
Marty Minot
Bill Swietlik
Jack Suddreth
Khin & Thant (in UK)

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