Wahooo! Check out Midwinters

Peter Duncan sailfaster at aol.com
Wed Feb 16 18:27:02 EST 2011

Wow! Check out the list of who is coming to Midwinters: http://usaa.albacore.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=806

We are up to 18 boats and still have 4 weeks to go!!! Looks like J-Town will win the club representation bragging rights with SEVEN... count them 7 boats coming from Toronto! Only need five more boats to break the recent record of 23 boats on the line... who else is in? Washington boats??? Ottawa teams??? This is looking to be big. Don't miss it!

Clearly there are a bunch of teams looking to maximize there training leading up to Internationals in Toronto this September: http://albacore.org/intls. How about you??  One group is already escaping the cold winter in Toronto and DC and heading to Sarasota tomorrow for sail testing and tuning this weekend. 

Get your plan together and head south.  Details:  http://usaa.albacore.org/regattas/Sarasota

See you there,

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