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I believe there will be FOUR Duncans sailing in this event.Peter, Steven, Ian, and Terry.
I am supplying boats for two of the four.

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Hey all, We've had an incredibly breezy spring so far on the Potomac! Come join the fun for Albacore MidAtlantics, also known as the PRSA Spring Regatta. Registration fee is low, includes dinner on Saturday night, and we can likely find you a place to stay.
  Register now!  Complete details, including an NOR and links to the registration form and "who's coming?" list can be found here: 
Already signed up:Heinsdof
Likely to show:HarrisDuncan
Allen lame exuse list until otherwise indicated:
Marsh (the parents)Marsh (the son)Edwards
BerlinAyukawathe rest of new jersey~



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