VA Gov Cup, Labor Day, President's Cup, and US Nationals

Michael Heinsdorf mheinsdorf at
Tue Aug 4 20:09:49 EDT 2015

This past weekend, 10 boats competed in what was in recent memory the
biggest Virginia Governer's Cup, with respect to the total number of boats,
that I've seen. For Ware River, it was suprisingly pleasant, with
temperatures in the mid-80s on Saturday and Sunday and humidity at about
70%. The seabreeze was as reliable as it has ever been, coming in both days
around noon. Saturday saw three long races in pretty consistent breeze.
Sunday was four short races and was all over the place - the sea breeze
came in, in places, but a ripping current and patchy breeze made it a whole
different ball game. And that was reflected in the results. Farley ripped
off a perfect start on the pin in the second race and was in the lead the
entire race. The Zeislers and the Grahams consistently sailed well, and
Sterling and Marty Minot battled it out for second and third place. Bob
Bear had a couple excellent races as well.

I don't have final results, but if I remember right, Rolf was fifth, Farley
in fourth, Sterling 3rd, Marty Minot 2nd, and Barney 1st (but not with a
perfect score). Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to win the Governer's Cup
as the Buccaneers had 12 boats show up. Maybe next year!

Coming up, the West River Labor Day Regatta marks the beginning of the fall
season and is always excellent racing on the Chesapeake.

The President's Cup on the Potomac has moved to 20-21 September and will no
longer be held in conjunction with the Leukemia Cup. While it is sad that
isn't happening, it does mean that the regatta is going back to being a
small boat centric regatta. This is going to be Sterling's last regatta,
and I think after Ware River, he is very determined to beat both Marty
Minot and Barney.

US Nationals is going to be held somewhere we haven't been in a while -
Rock Hall Yacht Club. As usual, it will be held over Columbus Day weekend
and is only about a two hour drive from DC. Start looking for crew (sorry
Daphne!) and rentals soon. Camping is available on-site and there will be
beach launching - and if I remember right, there is a really nice bar at
the club too. Gene Spillane is doing hard work of putting together the
event and has lined up a good PRO and crashboats. We do need RC volunteers,
so if you know anyone who would like to spend a day or two or three on the
water, please let Gene know at egspillane at

That's about it for the travel regattas - West River and PRSA have summer
series and the fall series at PRSA starts up right after Labor Day.

See you on the water!

Michael A. Heinsdorf
mheinsdorf at
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