VA Gov Cup, Labor Day, President's Cup, and US Nationals

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Hay MIke et al:
Don't forget Fishing Bay - its this week end coming up. I have 7375 on its side in my shop - just installed two brand new suction bailers. We'll be at Fishing bay and hopefully not have to bail continuously!

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> Subject: VA Gov Cup, Labor Day, President's Cup, and US Nationals 
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> This past weekend, 10 boats competed in what was in recent memory the 
> biggest Virginia Governer's Cup, with respect to the total number of 
> boats, that I've seen. For Ware River, it was suprisingly pleasant, 
> with temperatures in the mid-80s on Saturday and Sunday and humidity at 
> about 70%. The seabreeze was as reliable as it has ever been, coming in 
> both days around noon. Saturday saw three long races in pretty 
> consistent breeze. Sunday was four short races and was all over the 
> place - the sea breeze came in, in places, but a ripping current and 
> patchy breeze made it a whole different ball game. And that was 
> reflected in the results. Farley ripped off a perfect start on the pin 
> in the second race and was in the lead the entire race. The Zeislers 
> and the Grahams consistently sailed well, and Sterling and Marty Minot 
> battled it out for second and third place. Bob Bear had a couple 
> excellent races as well. 
> I don't have final results, but if I remember right, Rolf was fifth, 
> Farley in fourth, Sterling 3rd, Marty Minot 2nd, and Barney 1st (but 
> not with a perfect score). Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to win the 
> Governer's Cup as the Buccaneers had 12 boats show up. Maybe next year! 
> Coming up, the West River Labor Day Regatta marks the beginning of the 
> fall season and is always excellent racing on the Chesapeake. 
> The President's Cup on the Potomac has moved to 20-21 September and 
> will no longer be held in conjunction with the Leukemia Cup. While it 
> is sad that isn't happening, it does mean that the regatta is going 
> back to being a small boat centric regatta. This is going to be 
> Sterling's last regatta, and I think after Ware River, he is very 
> determined to beat both Marty Minot and Barney. 
> US Nationals is going to be held somewhere we haven't been in a while - 
> Rock Hall Yacht Club. As usual, it will be held over Columbus Day 
> weekend and is only about a two hour drive from DC. Start looking for 
> crew (sorry Daphne!) and rentals soon. Camping is available on-site and 
> there will be beach launching - and if I remember right, there is a 
> really nice bar at the club too. Gene Spillane is doing hard work of 
> putting together the event and has lined up a good PRO and crashboats. 
> We do need RC volunteers, so if you know anyone who would like to spend 
> a day or two or three on the water, please let Gene know at 
> egspillane at<mailto:egspillane at>. 
> That's about it for the travel regattas - West River and PRSA have 
> summer series and the fall series at PRSA starts up right after Labor 
> Day. 
> See you on the water! 
> ~Michael 
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