[Sclaser] Practice Santa Cruz this SATURDAY

Nick Burke nburke at skysail.com
Fri Apr 19 15:00:20 EDT 2013

Saturday is looking like the windier day around Santa Cruz. Peter Shope and I are planning on switching practice day from Sunday to Saturday. Same plan, leave the dock at 1pm and be back around 4pm.

If you can't make Saturday and were planning on Sunday, please don't let this stop you. I'd suggest at least one person carry a VHF and file a float plan (let someone on shore know your plan and when you expect to be back).


On Apr 15, 2013, at 12:54 PM, Nick Burke <nburke at skysail.com> wrote:

> Anyone interested in a practice at Santa Cruz  Sun April 21 ? How about this as the plan ? (1) leave dock at 1pm, get back around 4pm (2) do rabbit starts and short/medium length upwinds to get a long way upwind 3) line up on beam reaches and bear off to runs, regrouping every now and then, to get to Mile Buoy.
> I'd classify this as a black diamond event, as opposed to green circle or blue square (using ski run difficulty levels) because it can get windy and there won't be a whaler providing backup. I will carry a DSC VHF w/ GPS in case of emergencies. 
> There is a $10 launching fee. There is metered parking. Dollies and trailers are often left in front of the USCG station, on the lawn. If you get any pushback on that, the case has been made that you are opening up parking spots for cars.
> Nick
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