Svendsen's Thursday Night Series - the battle for 2nd continues

Matthew Sessions mcsessions at
Tue Aug 26 14:19:10 EDT 2008

Hey everybody,

The sun is setting on the 2008 Svendsen's Marine Thursday Night Series.
Please take a moment to sign up now:

Right now there is exactly one V15 signed up to sail?  WTF?  Is everybody
else joining me in a far away desert?

Rob Grant (aka *Latitude38* Racing Editor) will be on hand with a great
post-race social event.  Since we have only one Social Chair this week, *please
help out and bring your favorite 6-pack or bean-dip*....or *both* so there
will be a long night of socializing.  Perhaps the team with the best race
story will be featured in an article for the next issue of Latitude38?

I'll be on the playa of Black Rock City ( this
week but very psyched for the FINAL Thursday night of 2008…aka Super
Thursday.  We'll have a HUGE evening of racing and a season of stories to
share.  I'm sure our title sponsor Svendsen's will have some killer raffle
items too.  Why not sign up now?  You know you will be there…


PS – And who is going to get 2nd for the Series?  Only two points separate
our top teams and there are other strong battles to be had:  Given that Avery and I are not going to make the Top
3 this year, should we change the trophies to the Top 5?  Top 10?  Post your
feedback online.
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