PCCs this weekend

Tom Allison tka3 at allisonweb.net
Mon Aug 24 13:16:00 EDT 2009

This weekend ...

Can Adam and Mara Lowry still go fast with their small child lashed to  
the mast?

Will David and Linda Strubbe live up to their pirate namesake and  
board you if you foul them at the Leward mark?

Has Chris Pine's admiration of Arnold been dampened by the California  
budget crisis?

Will Tom (the toxic avenger) Allison and Greg (I am hiking harder!)  
Stemler actually ever win a regatta and find the extra wonder they are  
searching for?

Will Ken out-manoeuvre everyone by submerging his Vanguard?

Will Matt and Avery choose to sail or hang out at the bar at St.  

There's only one way to find out. Be there this weekend at the PCCs.  
We have a great event lined up and I promise it will be fun. There's  
even someone looking to crew on the web: http://vanguard15.org/schedule/542 

So sign up: http://vanguard15.org/schedule/542

If you bring your entry fee to this Thursday night, you save $15.


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