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Tue Mar 2 17:36:50 EST 2010

Hey ya'll,
Since I do a bit of both of these sports I figured I should broadcast. Feel
free to forward to others you know.

If you are out of work, this could be a very cool way to make some extra
cash in the month of June.

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Subject: looking for a co-teacher for sailing/climbing class
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my apologies if you have gotten this already.  I'm still looking for
I sent this to all the Geodesic Tahoe home sharers from last year...hope you
don't mind.
Please pass the word.

hey all,

I’m teaching a sailing and rock climbing class for the first 3 weeks of June
and I’m in need of a co-teacher!  The class will be from Tuesday June 1st
till Thursday June 17th.  The hours are everyday all day from
8:00am-4:00pm.  There will be a few days where we will need to stay later to
grade or plan, maybe count on 3 or 4 days staying till 5-530.

There is no climbing experience necessary but before the class starts you
will need to know how to belay, how to teach students to belay and how to
teach them how to tie figure 8 knots (all of which I can teach 'you').  In
regards to sailing, it's important to have some sailing experience.  If
'you' are able to learn a little about small boat sailing before the course
that would be very helpful.  The organization that takes us sailing offers a
course or I can take someone a few afternoons or a weekend out on the small
boats and keel boats.
Pay is about $115/day.  We will need finger prints and a negative TB test.

Thanks for passing the information along,


Liza Jade Richheimer
Coordinator of Student Interventions
Oakland International High School
4521 Webster St. Oakland, CA 94609
School #510-879-2142 ext 230
Fax #510-879-2143
Cell #415-225-2115
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