Thursday Night Series

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Wed Mar 3 10:54:52 EST 2010

Hello Vanguard 15 fleet!

The 2010 Thursday night series is starting soon so mark your calendar!

The first night will be April 1st (no joke!). Sign up now at:

This year we are starting the hoopla a bit early.  Come down to The Treasure
Island Sailing Center on March 25th at 6pm to get your boat and yourself
ready for the season.

This will be a good time to:

dust the winter spider webs off your mast and rig your boat

inflate dolly tires

sign waiver (needed for skipper and crew)

pay season and fleet dues

remember how bad traffic can be on the bridge (or take the Muni 108 from the
Transbay Terminal- runs every 15 minutes)

sign up for social chair (otherwise it will be assigned)

want to crew? Come down and meet some of the skippers.

drink beer!

A few things will be changing this year.  There will be a small increase in
the cost of the season (no final decision yet).  Waivers will be available
on the website to save some time. And social chairs will be assigned if you
do not sign up for a night.

Feel free to e-mail me at oxbowamy at if you have any questions

Amy Guarnieri
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