Help Needed for TISC Dock Installation, Saturday, April 3rd

Nick Adamson jnadamson at
Fri Mar 19 12:58:27 EDT 2010

Greetings V15 Fleet, Laser Fleet, Team Racers, and TISC Tenants!
Spring is here and the sailing season is gearing up.  TISC is missing a key
element to a successful kickoff - docks!  The facility is still in
winterized mode so I am looking for 4-5 people that can help me launch and
install the docks on Saturday, April 3rd.  Start time is 9am and I expect it
to take about 4 hours to get everything put together.  Many of you have
helped me in the past and know the drill.  Not hard and you have all the
skills necessary if you can launch a boat via a hoist.  We are also looking
at options to create a better dock configuration so this would be a good
opportunity for you to join in on the brainstorming process.

If we get more people than expected it will take us less time.   Please
shoot me an email if you can help out.

Nick Adamson
jnadamson at

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