Thursday Night #1

Amy G oxbowamy at
Tue Mar 30 02:04:15 EDT 2010

Hello fleet! Just a couple more days until the season officially starts!
And only 7 of you signed up? What's the big hold up? Sure the lasers are
planning to boycott but what's your excuse?
Sign up at

Just some reminders: the waiver and registration (attached to the NOR) need
to be filled out BEFORE RACING AND DUES MUST BE PAID. Two checks are needed.
The first is $135 made out to the "Treasure Island Sailing Center." The
second is $25 and made out to "Vanguard 15 Fleet 53." Both checks are to be
given to Alex Symes.  If forms and/or dues are not completed you will NOT BE
ALLOWED TO RACE and John Super will know who you are! Make sure to note your
sail number on the checks.
The forms are available on the website ( for your

A note on ramp etiquette:
Please be in line for the ramp only if you are ready to splash.
Help the boats ahead of you bring their dolly back up the ramp.
Cart your boat on the dolly down the right (west) side of the ramp.
Once you splash move down the dock to allow others to splash - make sure you
have your bow line/ painter!
Neatly stack your dolly against the fences where it will not block any of
the gates, hoists or other boats.
PLEASE ALLOW THE LASERS TO SPLASH FIRST.  They start before the vanguards!
The bottom line is help each other out.  The faster we get out there the
more races we can have.  I don't know about you but I prefer sailing to
standing in line listening the the jib flutter.

Thanks Tim, Lisa and Alex for volunteering as social chairs the first
~Amy G
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