Ski/Sail 2011 - April 16-17

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To follow up Amy's email, Ski-Sail is a little over a month away! Find your 
skipper/crew, and get out on a couple Thursdays to practice beforehand! See 
details in email below, and check out the Ski/Sail website:

Please sign up on our website if you're coming (or contemplating it) and let me 
know if you need help with skipper, crew, boat, or trailer (or if you'd be 
willing to charter -- we have some out-of-towners looking for boats!)

And.... if you're lacking in motivation, remember that no one has ever rallied 
for this event and then said, "Shoot, I wish I hadn't done that. It was really 
no fun to ski and sail over the course of two days with some of my favorite 
peeps." Dig deep, get organized, and we'll see you up there!


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Hi all -

Ski/sail is just around the corner, and will be held the weekend of April 16-17! 
It's the one event that combines all your favorite activities: sailing, skiing, 
and drinking (don't worry -- they are not required to be performed 

The format is, as always, one day of sailing on Lake Tahoe and one day of ski 
"racing" at Squaw Valley. Racing is in quotes because there is no need to ever 
have participated in a ski race before, although it certainly helps your scores. 
The party in between will likely be at Tahoe Yacht Club. You can book a hotel or 
pay minimal guest fees to stay at fleet members' ski leases up there.

Pass it on to your friends near and far .... and rally yourself a crew/driver. 

NOR to follow. 


P.S. Mike - can you pass  this on to the Laser fleet, and hopefully we'll get a 
better turnout this year!

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