Ski-Sail - April 14-15, 2012

Avery Patton avery_patton at
Thu Mar 15 01:02:41 EDT 2012

All -

We are one month to the day to the 2012 Ski/Sail National Championships, on 
April 14 and 15 - the best regatta of the year!

Race V-15s (or Lasers!) for a day on Lake Tahoe, and then ski race the next day 
at Squaw Valley. Scores are combined to award the national championship! 
However, you do not need to be a rockstar skier to do this event - it's fun for 
anyone who can get down the mountain on skis or a snowboard.

It takes a bit of motivation to get up there, but once you do, it's  super fun, 
as anyone who has done it will vouch. No one has ever regretted doing this 
event. And it looks like we  may actually have snow! 

Please sign up on the website if you can make it, are thinking of making it, or 
are available as crew or skipper:

Let me know if you have questions or need 
convincing/boat/trailer/crew/driver/moral support. Housing will be available at 
my and others' ski houses for a nominal fee. 

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