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Al Sargent asargent at stanfordalumni.org
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I'm in. Who else can help TISC?

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Subject: TISC Emergency Dock Pull - Can You Help?
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     [image: Treasure Island Sailing Center]   Treasure Island Sailing
*February 5, 2014*
*Hi Friends of TISC-*
While we are all super-relieved to have a couple days of rain coming up, it
looks like we will be seeing some weather conditions at TISC that start to
worry us.  When storm events like this coming weekend's arrive, they often
bring *strong southerly winds* right through the Bay Bridge and onto
our *highly
susceptible dock system*.

I am writing today to *get a team together to move our docks to safety*,
should the storm turn sour.  IF (and it is still IF right now) we need to,
we will detach TISC's docks from the pier and tow them to the sheltered
south west corner of Clipper Cove to wait out the storm.

What's involved:

   - When the time comes, I'll send an email to the assembled team to *meet
   at TISC*, either Thursday afternoon or Friday morning.
   - We'll *launch a motorboat, free the docks* from the pier, *tow the
   docks* away, *anchor* them and *pull the motorboat*
   - As this may be in the middle of some crummy weather, volunteers should
   be *EXTREMELY CONFIDENT on the water* in heavy seas and foul weather

TISC has long relied on its volunteer base to run great programs, show off
our sport and provide a sense of community to Treasure Island and the San
Francisco Bay area.  This won't be a glorious volunteer opportunity, nor
will you make the papers.  You will, however, *save the day for TISC and
the vast community we serve*.

If you can help TISC move its docks to safety should the need arise, please
c*ontact me (programs at tisailing.org <programs at tisailing.org>*) with what
day (Thursday 2/6 afternoon or Friday 2/7 morning) works better for you.
   TISC thanks you for all your help!

Chris Childers
Program Director
Treasure Island Sailing Center
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