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Who's up for doing Spring Dinghy at StFYC on March 8 and 9?

If you are, please email Jean.


Best regards,


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*Subject:* V15s at Spring Dinghy!

Hello, my name is Jean Rutledge and I am extremely interested in having the
V15 fleet participate in St. Francis' spring dinghy regatta. I am in
contact with the race organizer and have been told that in order to let
V15s participate in spring dinghy, there needs to be at least 6 boats
registered. I have access to a boat out of Encinal Yacht Club and my
skipper and I are itching to register and participate (we both have grown
up racing on the bay/raced in college). I found your email on the West
Coast V15 website and am hoping you can get some boats out of Treasure
Island to register! Let me know if you need any more information or if
there is anyone else I should contact. Thanks so much, I am looking forward
to hearing back from you and I hope we can race in March!


Jean Rutledge
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