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Sign up for tomorrow! http://vanguard15.org/schedule/847

Looking relatively (compared to last week!) warm and light:

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On Sun, May 31, 2015 at 3:30 PM, Al Sargent <asargent at stanfordalumni.org>

> Probably less entertaining that that
> <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weekend_Update> weekend update, but here
> goes...
> Last Thursday featured some great sailing, with our first windy day of the
> season. Congrats to everyone for zero capsizes, although Michelle did try
> her hand at singlehanding without a rudder or daggerboard after racing.
> (Someone dropped her bowline; name withheld to protect the guilty.) Luckily
> our PRO Connor and Maddy both drove up and towed her in. Thanks TISC for
> always having a second boat at the ready.
> Special shout-out to Justin Foox and his 12 year old son William who came
> in third for the night. Rumor has it William was elbowing his dad to get
> him to hike out more. William was hiking like an animal, apparently
> practicing his form for the upcoming Opti Heavy Weather regatta on the
> cityfront.
> More shout-outs to Svendsen's for the great prizes and the beers. And to
> Connor for taking the bull by the horns to fix our Ollie Box by calling
> Ollie himself (his phone number is right on the box). Conor got the advice
> to wash out the horns. He did, and we had an entire night of gloriously
> audible beeps the entire windy night.
> Results here <http://vanguard15.org/schedule/846>.
> Sign up for this upcoming week here <http://vanguard15.org/schedule/846>.
> And if you can't make it, email some folks and offer them your boat!
> Best regards,
> Al
> P.S. A couple of things we did this past week that seemed to work:
> 1. Rake: we were heavily raked back: 20’ 11.25" from masthead to transom.
> That's number 1, if your shrouds are at 14 feet, 0.75 inches per this
> article
> <https://medium.com/@alsargent/top-5-vanguard-15-rigging-tips-a479794689c8?source=most-recommended>.
> I know at least one other boat was at 21' 3"... those extra 4" make a
> difference in terms of keeping the boat on its feet.
> 2. Jibsheet: all the way, until you have to rag your main completely to
> keep boat flat when fully hiked. At that point, ease your jibsheet ever so
> slightly, maybe half an inch. The boat should pop up onto a plane upwind
> and add a knot or so of speed. Awesome feeling!
> 3. Starting technique: really fast to get close to the line at 10 seconds
> to the start, hold it there, then bear off at 5 seconds (space allowing) to
> pop the boat onto a plane. Sheet in a bit a two seconds to make the helm
> load up, then steer up at one second to pop out across the line.
> Hope this helps!
> asargent at stanfordalumni.org | +1 415 742 1430
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