Making it a bit less of a pain to get to TISC

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Sat Jun 27 16:19:21 EDT 2015

With all the rush hour traffic, I understand it can be a pain to get to
TISC on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (Damn tech workers... oh wait.)

So, here are a couple of bits of local knowledge I've found to make getting
on the Bay Bridge less painful:

*If working in SOMA*, park here in the morning: 350 2nd St, San Francisco,
CA 94107, From here, it takes around 5-10 minutes
make a left onto Harrison and slog one  block to enter the bridge from the
1st Street on-ramp. Just enough to review your sailing notes on Evernote
and get your head into race mode.

Even though I work several blocks from here, I've found it quicker to walk
those blocks to the parking lot (15 minutes) rather than slogging 30
minutes in a car.

Plus, nearby you can grab a six pack or ice for your fellow sailors at SOMA
Wines & Spirits
<>or fuel up
with a quick burger from The Melt

If anyone every needs a ride from here on Thursdays, just let me know.

*If driving from Marin or west SF to TISC*, here's a route that I've
figured out over the years that usually reduces driving time at rush hour
to maybe 45 minutes: . It's kind of
complicated, so open the Google Maps link. Highlights are: go down Oak,
past the US Mint, onto Folsom, right onto Second left onto Harrison.

Of course, if you can take a motorboat from Marin, that works too! Just
bring foulies for the trip home.

So there you go -- one less excuse for not getting onto the water!!

Best regards,


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