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Sam Wheeler samwheeler.sail at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 15:01:09 EDT 2016

Don't forget to sign up for *High Sierra! * This is always a terrific
event, and we've got a couple of campsites so it would be great to get a
solid turnout.

The sign up page on our site is here <http://vanguard15.org/schedule/938>.
Regatta registration is here
Please do both of those.

The registration deadline before late fees apply is June 24th.


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Date: Thu, Jun 16, 2016 at 11:32 AM
Subject: 3 Weeks until the High Sierra Regatta!
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Dear sailors,

We are truly excited about the upcoming High Sierra Regatta. The lake is
completely full, the marks are laid and the regatta team is ready to host
one of the premier regattas on the west coast. As mentioned earlier, we now
have 5 races and a fun party planned for Saturday night.

A few notes:

Bring your VHF - even if you are sailing a Banshee; we will attempt to
notify all competitors of impending starts.

China Peak Mountain Resort is hosting a fantastic party with a buffet
dinner, dancing, videos of the day's racing and a couple of bars to support
thirsty sailors. A shuttle from the registration tent departs every 30 min
from 5 pm onwards.

Due to the lack of a regatta for two years, registration is below previous
levels. Please cajole, bribe or berate any of your other fleet members who
have not yet registered. For lodging please call China Peak (559) 233-1200
or Lakeshore Resort (559) 893-3193. Additional options are available at:

The regatta will be scored online so you can check your results immediately
after a race completes.

If you haven't yet signed up for the party, please do so now. We won't be
able to accommodate late registrants to the party.

See everyone at the lake!

Bob Comstock
Regatta Chairman

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