For Sale: Mast up Mooring Cover - nearly brand new!

eric raffini eric.raffini at
Tue Jun 28 16:20:39 EDT 2016

Hey folks,

Sadly, with the impending arrival of our second child, my ability to make
it out to sail on Thursday nights has been very limited. In fact, I made
the decision to sell #1248 to a nice couple from San Luis Obispo who are
taking it up to High Sierra. So, the boat will still be racing.

I'm selling separately a 2015 Mast-up Mooring Cover that I got from San
Luis Obispo Sail and Canvas last summer. It's bomber Top Gun Material, with
straps that will last a long time. I paid $445 (still have receipts)  and
and willing to take $250 for anyone who needs one.  Like the picture below
but gray.


Let me know if you have any interest.


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