[Santana 22] 2007 Nationals Notice of Race and Registration (Aug10-12, Richmond YC)

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We're having the same trouble...I'll likely print out the form and mail it in the old fashioned way.


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I was able to register for the regatta and pay the fee associated with doing so.  However, I indicated through the on-line entry form that I wanted to pay for additional dinners in advance at $15 a piece but was seemingly unable to pay for these through the site.
What is the plan?  Or, have I simply not figured out how to do so?
Michael Andrews
811 Bonito

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They're up!  All registration will be on-line this year (RYC is entering the 21st century), if you find this a problem contact them (or me) and we will figure out a way to get you entered.
Note a couple of details: Per class rules the skipper must be a member of the class assn so we have a check box for that, but to my knowledge we don't track membership numbers, put your fleet number instead (SF Bay is Fleet 1, for example) or just leave it blank.  We'll figure out a way to get the Junior/young people's teams entered (Encinal and Richmond so far), comments on that welcome.  
You can leave your US Sailing number and Yacht Club blank if you don't belong to these.
For those Bay Area owners who neglected to pay their fleet dues this year, go to http://santana22.com/dues/ and pay up your $35!  You need to be members of the local fleet to participate in YRA racing too, so no membership, no YRA glasses, OK?
OK, now here's the link you've been patiently waiting for, to the NOR and registration form: http://www.richmondyc.org/boatinfo/racing/SantanaOlson/default.asp
Please sign up early so we have a better idea of numbers (my count via telephone so far is 17 confirmed, 2 probable which would make it the biggest regatta in recent years, but of course that was before they had to put out any money).  Also note the Saturday dinner cost is $15 in advance with registration (and you get one free dinner included), $20 at the door so see if you can figure out how many crew, family etc. will be attending the dinner/annual meeting beforehand if you can.
Santa Cruz and Monterey boats (or any other out-of-towners), let me know if I can do anything to make your regatta prep easier, like loaner trailers or accomodations help (Hotel Mac is great, Days Inn is cheaper, Tuna sailors' floors may be possible for the young and penurous.  You can also sleep on your boat if you like, RYC is not subject to rollers or 5AM fishing boats like other harbours of my aquaintance.)
More reminders will follow as the night the day, but hey - it's coming together, and it will be awesome.  I'm still shooting for 25 on the line, I think we can make it.
To that end, please pass this on to anyone who may not be on the email list but might want to come.
Jan "Carlos" Grygier 
hydrophilos at earthlink.net
p.s. I'm setting up an informal crew list for the regatta, so far I have some skippers who will need crew and some who probably want to crew if they can't get their boat ready in time.  Will let you know if it gets more formal, try the santana22 web site.
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