[Santana 22] poleless take down

Michael Kennedy michaelkennedy05 at yahoo.com
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That or flexible plastic tubing sticking up at an angle-flexible will be less likely to rip the spinnaker if/when the takedown goes bad some day and the kit goes around the bow

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Do you have a bow pulpit or bow "doinker" to prevent the 
guy from sliding down the forestay and falling off / over the front of the boat 
and going under the bow?  If not, an 8" to 1' long piece of 1/4" 
PVC pipe and some duck tape might do the trick.



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Tried a poleless leward takedown the other day.  Blew the afterguy, 
gathered the foot, blew the halyard, gathered in cabin, ran over 
afterguy. It appears some tension needs to be kept on the afterguy when 
releasing but how do you do this? 1 wrap on winch? ratchet block in ratchet 
mode? or ?????????????




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