[Santana 22] Pumpkin races Saturday

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Yup, as usual the Great Pumpkin provided some interesting sailing and lessons for all of us.  Our lesson on Betty Boop was mainly to check all the spinnaker lines twice before attempting to hoist, we might have got a first in the first race if the spin halyard hadn't been wrapped around the forestay and jib halyard.

The lesson for Bonito and some others was (almost) always go right in a big ebb on the Southampton course, because you get lots of tide with you upwind and less tide against you (and usually more wind) going back down.  That plan only seemed to fail once, on the first beat of the second race when Bill got to the top mark first.  But we were sure whooping it up coming in first overall with our old Shore sails and relatively new-to-the-boat crew.  Betty and Don were floating on air for a while.

BTW Sally, if we had had a 155 on board we would have had it up all the time too, it would only have been marginal once or twice near the top mark going to windward, and if you feel overpowered you just pinch and let down the main traveller with a tighter outhaul (having just the 125, our traveller was up all day).

Jan Grygier
Carlos/Betty Boop

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Sally and Bill,

You both sailed very well; I was particularly impressed by you first weather leg during the second race Bill.  You sure showed us that we needed to get to the right which we worked on for the second half of that leg.  The fact that Wayne, Shawn and I have been sailing together so long really paid of for us in terms of quick sets and dowses, which saved our races.  We felt the genoa was the right headsail all day, never considering changing down.  Shawn with two young kids at home and me with Jonathan "on the dock" made the call to head home after finishing the second race at 4:00.  As it was, we didn't get back to the dock in Alameda until near dark.  Sorry to have to bail on you all.

Michael Andrews
811 Bonito

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You can get to the results from the RYC web site.  Congratulations on the first race!  We kept our genoa up because  we were too lazy to change it.  Since the wind seemed much lighter as you got closer to the leeward mark/finish line I'm not sure if it made a big difference overall.  The current and wind pattern made a huge difference in the third race.  We rounded the windward mark just a little behind Jan on Betty Boop, and they rounded the leeward mark way ahead of us thanks to playing wind and current better than we did.  On the other hand, we played it right by going left on the first windward leg of the second race and I think rounded first -- a historic event.       

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We had to leave after the first race as I had nothing but my 155 genoa for a headsail. Once the wind came up, after the first race, I couldnt compete. Anybody giving an analysis of the other two? We were thrilled to get third in the first race.

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