[Santana 22] Pumpkin races Saturday

Bill Murphy capnbill at lmi.net
Tue Oct 30 14:30:06 EDT 2007

Yes, we did have a bit of a problem with sets and douses.  With an 
average age of 60+, the oldest being 76, and fewer than 10 
race/practice days together, we were a bit rusty.  But we had fun.

At 10:04 AM 10/30/2007, Michael Andrews - MTC wrote:

>Sally and Bill,
>You both sailed very well; I was particularly impressed by you first 
>weather leg during the second race Bill.  You sure showed us that we 
>needed to get to the right which we worked on for the second half of 
>that leg.  The fact that Wayne, Shawn and I have been sailing 
>together so long really paid of for us in terms of quick sets and 
>dowses, which saved our races.  We felt the genoa was the right 
>headsail all day, never considering changing down.  Shawn with two 
>young kids at home and me with Jonathan "on the dock" made the call 
>to head home after finishing the second race at 4:00.  As it was, we 
>didn't get back to the dock in Alameda until near dark.  Sorry to 
>have to bail on you all.
>Michael Andrews
>811 Bonito
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>You can get to the results from the RYC web site.  Congratulations 
>on the first race!  We kept our genoa up because  we were too lazy 
>to change it.  Since the wind seemed much lighter as you got closer 
>to the leeward mark/finish line I'm not sure if it made a big 
>difference overall.  The current and wind pattern made a huge 
>difference in the third race.  We rounded the windward mark just a 
>little behind Jan on Betty Boop, and they rounded the leeward mark 
>way ahead of us thanks to playing wind and current better than we 
>did.  On the other hand, we played it right by going left on the 
>first windward leg of the second race and I think rounded first -- a 
>historic event.
>At 09:22 AM 10/30/2007, Sally Adamson Taylor wrote:
>>We had to leave after the first race as I had nothing but my 155 
>>genoa for a headsail. Once the wind came up, after the first race, 
>>I couldnt compete. Anybody giving an analysis of the other two? We 
>>were thrilled to get third in the first race.
>>Sally Adamson Taylor
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