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Sally Richards sally at pineapplesails.com
Fri Oct 3 12:03:06 EDT 2008

I sent the message below a few days ago and have not had any  
responses.  Did this go to the whole class?  Please reply.  Thank you.


Several months ago I asked if some of you would be willing to bring  
your Santana to Island Yacht Club's Women's Sailing Seminar on October  
12. A few owners (3 to be exact) committed to the day.

The seminar organizers are now asking for a total of 10.  But I had  
asked for boats with spinnakers and they are thinking of making two  
divisions, a spinnaker division and a non-spinnaker division.

Here is how the seminar works:  On Saturday, the 11th, there are  
workshops all day long, some in the classroom and some on the water.   
You can view the choices at www.iyc.org.  On Sunday the attendees have  
a choice:  they either go out onto the Bay at about 11:00 to practice  
what they learned on Saturday (typically on larger boats in groups of  
8 - 10) or they can elect to participate in a few races in the Estuary  
in front of Island Yacht Club (starting around 10:00 with a skippers'  
meeting).  One-design sailing clearly teaches the most about racing  
and the Santana 22 class has been the boat of choice for the past  
several years, though with spinnakers.  Each boat needs an owner or  
owner's representative on board, and will be assigned an instructor  
(the whole premise of the seminar is women teaching women) and there  
will probably be three "students."  More than that will constitute a  
crowd, in my opinion.

So if you haven't already responded and would be willing to bring your  
boat, please reply to me (sally at pineapplesails.com) or give me a call  
(510-522-2200).   You'll have a great time and won't believe the  
gratitude.  Be sure to let me know if you will  have a spinnaker or  
not.  If your boat is available, but you are not, maybe some other  
qualified owner could represent you or someone from your crew.  Lunch  
is included.

Let me know if you can help.  Or have any questions.


Sally Richards
sally at pineapplesails.com
510-522-7700 fax
Pineapple Sails
2526 Blanding Ave.
Alameda, CA 94501

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