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Mon Oct 20 20:35:05 EDT 2008


There's no public transit at the RYC.  Here are the options (and  
there may be more):

1.	Have a crew member drive over in the morning and meet her/him  
before Saturday's races.  The RYC usually provides 1 parking permit   
per entry.  Use the car to ferry folks back to their cars at the home  
marina Saturday following the party.  Pick up crew on Sunday morning,  
ferry them to the RYC, stop in at the club after Sunday's race to  
drop off car driver.

2.	Arrange a car pool situation with another boat in your home marina  
and do the above.

3.	Prevail upon a loving spouse/significant other to meet you at the  
RYC Saturday evening and bring you back Sunday morning.

4.	Drive two cars over early Saturday, drop one off, take the other  
one back to home basin.  On Sunday morning, meet at your home marina  
(or convenient spot) and ferry folks to the RYC.   Following Sunday's  
race, go in and drop off the driver before sailing for home.

5.	Take your boat back and forth.  But, that involves lots of coming/ 
going via water at 5 mph.

6.	Join the RYC, apply for a spot on the boat yard and a key to the  
hoist -- quickly!

7.	Stay overnight on the boat -- or arrange with a friend with a  
larger entry for sleeping space on that boat.  (I'm serious, folks do  
this. Some large boats' crews go home and leave it empty.)

Arranging car  ferry service for overnight and some "destination"  
races is always part of the game.  Vallejo Opener and SSS 1-2,  
Encinal 2nd Half Opener, Corinthian Season Closer, Jazz Cup, Delta  
Ditch Run, and so on.

Pat Broderick

On Oct 20, 2008, at 5:12 PM, Ciaran Wills wrote:

> Yay - so we've registered for the Great Pumpkin.  So here's a question
> for anyone else who does it both days - do you leave your boat at
> Richmond or sail home on the Saturday night?  If you leave the boat
> there where do you stay or how do you get home?
> Ciaran.
> Sunny Daze, #622
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