[Santana 22] Fleet 1 news, results - and 2009 Nationals July 24-26 at CYC

Jan Grygier hydrophilos at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 23 00:00:29 EDT 2008

OK, our "regular season" is now over, so I can let everyone know some final
results and other fleet news.
First, our new YRA champion is Tom Montoya's Meliki, who bested my own
Carlos 2-1 in a thrilling best of three finale at the "Champion of
Champions" regatta on Saturday. (He actually beat all the other One-Design
boats too, while we got third - Tunas rule!)  Carlos and Meliki also came in
1-2 in the "Season Closer" races three weeks ago, those didn't count for the
season so we decided to put up bottles of wine as prizes, and had a nice
turnout for the races and to see Maltese Falcon come up Racoon Straight
right after the races. What a magnificent sight that was!
We tried a split season this year, and Tom won the first half while I took
the second half, thus setting up the best of three finale.  Our perennial
"most dangerous adversary", Michael Andrews on Bonito missed one too many
races in each half but actually won the most races over the season.  We
decided to make Michael fleet captain next year in recognition - OK, that
decision was actually made in February when I agreed to come back this year
This brings me to Nationals.  We actually had two clubs vying for the chance
to host it next year, Corinthian and Encinal.  After much discussion about
dates, banquets, race courses and other esoterica like trailer parking I
decided to let Corinthian host the 2009 Tuna Nationals - Encinal hosted them
in 2004 and Richmond in 07, so presumably Encinal will get to do it next
time it comes up here, by which time maybe the new Bay Bridge will be
finished and we can stare up at it in wonder without dodging barges. Michael
Andrews has very graciously agreed to be the be the principal organizer even
though it's not his home club, but we're going to have a lot of support
people on the North side of the bay (especially Craig McDow at Corinthian),
and of course I'll try to pitch in, especially in pulling legs, strings or
whatever else will get us up ABOVE 25 BOATS.
So be you in Monterey, Santa Cruz, Moss Landing, Fresno, Marina Del Rey or
the Bay Area, get July 24-26 on your calendar now!  And if you can make it
down from Portland or Seattle, better yet.  (Hey, wanna fly in from
Australia - maybe we'll find a loaner!  Just give us enough lead time to
make sure you're not a hot-shot eyedeen sailor in disguise ;-)
Jan Grygier, PhD
hydrophilos at earthlink.net
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