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The Vallejo race is a "class sanctioned" and YRA event.  The S22 fleet runs two series during the season that are open to One Design configured boats.  The official Season Championship series is sailed with main and class jib only, as defined in the S22 One Design rules.  For this, you must be signed up with YRA and follow the YRA ODCA schedule of races. The second series is the spinnaker series, of which Vallejo is part of.  Again, you must be signed up with YRA to sail this spinnaker series race.  The spinnaker series is sailed with class main, class jib, and spinnaker.  Genoa's are not used.  This decisions were made at our class meeting in February that took place at Pineapple Sails loft.  Both the One Design schedule and spinnaker series schedule are on the S22 Fleet 1 web site.

As far as the Vallejo race, we will have our own S22 start.  Again, as part of the spinnaker series.  The start times for all fleets will be published by YRA on Friday, 4/30. 

Those wanting to race the Vallejo race without spinnakers are welcomed to do so, as part of the spinnaker series.  All boats will rate 234 PHRF.

If the fleet is interested in allowing a 237 PHRF rating to S22's that sail a spinnaker series race with main and class jib only, that should be discussed and determined after the Vallejo race.


Tom Montoya
S/V Meli'ki - 5194
2010 S22 Fleet Captain  

P.S. - Regarding fleet dues, yes that $35 should be paid to become part of the fleet and to have voting rights on the various issues. 

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Hello All,

I used to own hull #322, which I had intended to bring back from a state of disrepair, but that never happened. Instead, I just bought hull #367 (aka Fiddler's Green) and I've got her pretty much ready to roll. I'd love to come out and do the Season Opener, but I need to know a few things:

Do the Santanas have their own start?
I see different ratings on the entry list, so does that mean that the fleet is racing PHRF?
I have an oversized spinnaker and a longer pole - I'm not sure if that's the class legal set up, or if it's the other way around.
I've also got a 150 (in addition to the class jib)
I don't have a PHRF certificate, so if the fleet is racing PHRF, I'll need to know what configuration I should get my certificate for.
Would I need to pay class dues before the opener if the tunas have their own start?

Claude Nix

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Santana 22er's
Looking at the YRA web site for entrants in the GVR, I see Marti Gras, Inshallah, Tchoup, Meli'ki and Kelly Shawn signed up.  Unfortunately Kelly Shawn will not be sailing the race.  So, that leaves us with four boats.  In addition, Wednesday evening, tomorrow, is the cut off for sign up's.  Does anyone plan on entering before the dead line?  Chopped Liver? Carlos?  
While this is part of our spinnaker series, boats are welcomed to sail without spinnakers too.  Speaking of which, I noticed Mardi Gras and Inshallah are sailing with a 237 PHRF rating.  Does that mean you are sailing non-spinnaker and non-genoa?  Which again, is fine.  Just checking.
Let's get more boats to Vallejo!
Tom Montoya

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