[Santana 22] DH Santana 22 Category open for transfers from other categories

John Foster jfoster at pacifier.com
Fri Jan 22 23:00:27 EST 2010

OK, here is how you do this:

I have many tens of hours logged in as an admin, but only my own entry 
one time, quite a while ago. So there will be a pause, while I try to 
change my category as an ordinary user......

Open your browser.
Open the SSS web site at the link shown belowhttp://www.sfbaysss.org/
On the right side of the page notice the text:

      Registration: January 27th, 2010
      Click here
      to register online

Click on the word "here" ( it should be a live link to get you to the 
Compete-At sign up page.
Near the top left you should see the words:

You will come to a screen like the one below, except it will be your 
name, not mine. Enter your password and click the login button

    We've found your account.
    Please enter your password to continue.


I forgot my password <https://passport.compete-at.com/Passport/forgot.do>

Three Bridge Fiasco 2010

    Welcome John Foster [view your passport account]

(Except yours better say  Welcome (your name))

On the middle right of that page you should see (again with your name, 
not mine)

    Below is information for participant: John Foster

    Entry Summary for John  Foster

Balance Due <payments.do> $ 0.00
additional purchases
	Categories: 	SInglehanded 4 PHRF > 155 No Sportboats or Multihulls

Complete Your Public Profile <javascript:void(0)> Some events display an 
entry list which links to your own
profile. Take a moment to complete your profile or disable it.
Click on the Pencil Symbol to the left of the word Categories.

The DH Santana 22 Category is all the way at the bottom, below the Wylie 

Click the Yes button at the bottom of the page

THEN, and this you MUST DO, click the Save button at the bottom of the page

Work your way back out of there and get on with your life.

One last thing, when you go to see if you now are in the new category of 
the Entries list, you MUST clear your Browser Cache or you may see the 
old version without the new category.

John Foster
SSS Race Info Officer 2010-2011

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> This is from John Foster SSS Race Info Officer 2010-2011
> If you guys care to have your own fleet single handed, and/or your own
> fleet double handed, if there are five or more entered they can be
> scored as a fleet of their own.
> Being in those SH or DH Santana 22 fleets would not be mandatory, you
> could still stay in the fleet grouping either SH or DH that covers PHRF
> 234, if you cared to.
> That can be arranged. My guess is that you would have one DH Santana 22
> fleet, allowing any SH to sail it as well.  Look at the Moore 24 fleet
> for example. Organize what you want among yourselves and let me know.
> John
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