[Santana 22] Team polo shirt interest for the fleet

Michael Andrews Michael.Andrews at portsamerica.com
Wed Jul 21 11:26:24 EDT 2010

Yes Tom,

I am interested and would buy six or seven if they become available.

Thank you,

Michael Andrews
Bonito 811

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Subject: [Santana 22] Team polo shirt interest for the fleet

Nationals participants and fleet,

I have been looking into breathable, fast dry, "high tech" polo shirts for the Nationals participants.  After thinking about it, even if you are not sailing the Nationals you could be in on this too.  I can get a very nice, very comfortable, "high tech" polo shirts that could say Santana 22, 2010 Nationals, with your boat name for about 20 - 25 dollars each.  Or, if you want them for the season to give to your crew, it could say Santana 22 Season 2010, with your boat name.

Is anybody interested?

Tom Montoya
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