[Santana 22] 2010 Santana 22 Nationals

Michael Kennedy michaelkennedy05 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 16 20:56:48 EDT 2010

Pariah will be there-looking forward to a great regatta.
Mike Kennedy

From: Tom Montoya <antrim27 at aol.com>
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Sent: Wed, June 16, 2010 5:24:41 PM
Subject: [Santana 22] 2010 Santana 22 Nationals

Fellow Tuna sailors,

It is getting close to the S22 Nationals regatta, July 30, 31 & August  
1st.  The Notice of Race will be out soon.

I would like to get a showing of who plans to sail the regatta.  
Including the Santa Cruz & Monterey boats.  If there is a better way  
that someone knows how to get in touch with the Santa Cruz & Monterey  
boats, please let me know.  The regatta will be run by Encinal YC and  
raced in the T.I. area.  Likely between the T.I. and Alcatraz area  
using inflatables.

Let me know if you plan to sail the regatta and if there is anything  
you are looking for in this regatta.

Tom Montoya
2010 Fleet Captain
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