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Definitely -- it's fun to shoot that gap.  A couple things to keep in mind:

- Only the the closest gap to land is officially navigable.  Right where the section that's open to pedestrians ends.  I've heard stories about people sneaking through other sections, but I've seen your boat, and she's too pretty to risk a run-in with a submerged piling!

- In the dark, the yellow sodium lights marking the pedestrian section are a good visual reference.

- Watch your depth in between Emeryville and Berkeley.  When windsurfing, I've frequently been surprised to find waist or knee-deep sandbars WAY far out.  Better to stay high until you're near the pier, then swoop down.

- Better to stay high and kiss the upwind side of the gap.  I like to approach on a broad or beam reach, then harden up to actually go through it.  I like that better than pinching up to make it.  Also, there are usually people fishing off the downwind side of the gap, and I'd rather not get hooked.


- Ari

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Hi all 

I'm going to be making a few trips to and from Berkeley in the next month and have been told by many "old salts" that there is a gap in the old pier that one can navigate thru without problems.? This raises the hair on the back of my neck but heck what do I know.? What say you? 

Tom McIntyre 

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