[Santana 22] YRA/ODCA dues clarification

Charlie Wood frankdog at gmail.com
Sat Feb 12 03:03:08 EST 2011

Here's the scoop on the racing dues. I was mistaken this evening when I 
said that YRA membership includes the PC Series races.

YRA membership is $45 for existing members, $55 for new members. It does 
NOT include any races. It's required for any racing.

ODCA Season racing is $180 (for US Sailing Members, $195 for Non-US 
Sailing Members) and that includes all YRA PC Series events (Vallejo, 
2nd Half Opener and Season Closer). For an additional $5, you can sail 
the Sailstice Regatta, but those results do not affect your season 
standings. All YRA PC Series events are included in our fleet races 

If you're going to race PHRF (say, in the SSS events), your certificate 
is $30 for a 2010 renewal for YRA members. SSS Membership is separate.

Great meeting tonight.

Thanks Tom and Sally/Kame!
Welcome, new Tuna owners!

Star Kissed

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