[Santana 22] Fwd: Race-Rites Of Spring March 19, 2011

Anne-Carlijn Alderkamp acalderkamp at gmail.com
Thu Feb 17 21:32:21 EST 2011

Hello Tuna sailors!
Anyone planning on sailing the Rites of spring? It's either full-crew
women-only, or double-handed, see the email below. Byte Size and I are
planning on sailing. I'd prefer to sail with spinnaker, but if others want
to sail white sails that'd be fine too.


"Byte Size" #801


*Time again for the Short-Handed and Women's-Full-Crew Rites of Spring
Race.   Saturday-March 19 is the day.  Hopefully, the weather will be a
little better at Harding Rock this year.   As always, we will make the line
wide, use the radio liberally and make every effort to make it a fun race.
So get your partner, or just bring yourself, have a fun racing day, then
come up to the club and tell war stories with the competition.*


*We are working  hard to build up the women's full crew division.  So, if
you know of some ladies who would like a testosterone-free race experience,
please let them know about this.  *


*As usual, t-shirts will be some beautiful weird color.*

*if you prefer,  you may register and pay on line at :


*OaklandYachtClub.net also has information.  *


*See you out there-any questions just contact me at this email address.*


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