[Santana 22] Thoughts about mast step.

Derek Meyer djmeyer16 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 6 12:49:06 EST 2012

Hi Keay,

My step is just held in with 4 lag bolts.  While you're right about the forces, the support beam and standing rigging are what really keep the mast up and in place.  I wouldn't sweat the base plate too much. 


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Subject: [Santana 22] Thoughts about mast step.
Hola folks,

Major geek question. Any one have any cogent thoughts on the lateral forces applied to the mast step on the Santana 22? I am curious if the mast base plate needs to be through bolted to the underside of the support beam.

I heard somewhere that the force for every 1 lb applied to forward motion of the boat there are 4 lbs applied laterally. This is close hauled. 

On further reflection the ratio of 1 to 4 might be for an unstayed mast.


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