[Santana 22] Thoughts about mast step.

Michael Kennedy michaelkennedy05 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 6 13:39:22 EST 2012

Hi Keay
I'm no engineer, but I think it's all compression load going upwind due to the 
standing rigging, and maybe a little shear pushing aft if the mast is forward 
going downwind, but not enough to make the step dance around.
The load of the halyard turning blocks (assuming they are anchored to the base 
plate like on the good ship Pariah) are also pulling the base plate aft, but the 
backstay and boom would push the mast step forward going upwind and 
counterbalance that
Also-through bolting would make a new head knocker down below, and may also 
interfere with where the top of the compression post sits.
All this from a guy who has never taken an engineering class, and last took 
anymath or physics in high school (but I have seen a lot of stuff break or not 
break on boats)
Mike Kennedy

From: Keay Edwards <keay at keay3.net>
To: tuna at myfleet.org
Sent: Mon, March 5, 2012 9:40:30 PM
Subject: [Santana 22] Thoughts about mast step.

Hola folks,

Major geek question. Any one have any cogent thoughts on the lateral forces 
applied to the mast step on the Santana 22? I am curious if the mast base plate 
needs to be through bolted to the underside of the support beam.

I heard somewhere that the force for every 1 lb applied to forward motion of the 
boat there are 4 lbs applied laterally. This is close hauled. 

On further reflection the ratio of 1 to 4 might be for an unstayed mast.


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