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You think the Harbor 20 is tough-wait till you find yourself in the middle of a 
swarm of Santana 22's!

I think we were 1-1 against him last year-we were only both out twice, I think.

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Okay, so I'm not sailing a Tuna anymore, but I think I'll be sailing the Merit 
22 in the EYC Twilights this season.  I'll be looking for crew, so maybe some of 
you would like to sail on a wanna be boat?  That Harbor 20 is one tough boat to 

"WIND SINGER" Merit 22 #M14

On Mar 6, 2012, at 10:48 AM, Michael Kennedy wrote:

Hey all-time to start thinking about the spring/summer beer can schedule.  EYC's 
first Spring Twilight is only a month away.
>Pariah will be doing the Encinal Spring and Summer Twilights.  It's every other 
>Friday evening in the Estuary, with Spring and Summer scored separately.  It's 
>spinnaker or non-spiinnaker.   We sailed non-spin last year, and the only other 
>boat in our class was a Harbor 20 that didn't always come out.   
>So-calling all Estuary Tunas-let's all sail the same series together so we have 
>a nice big fleet.  I vote for EYC non-spin because Friday sailing is a great way 
>to kick off the weekend, the boat's already in the water and ready to go if 
>you're sailing that weekend, it's a fun but mellow course, BBQ aat the club 
>after, and OD is more fun that getting mowed down by big PHRF boats in the same 
>Doesn't that sound great????
>Mike Kennedy
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