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Tue Mar 13 01:48:37 EDT 2012

Hey Tuna's

I'd love to crew for these races! Would be happy to sail with someone less
experienced and share some of the things I've picked up over the last 3
years. Of course sailing with a spinnaker on the Estuary would make me even
happier :-), but if white sails brings out more Tunas we should stick to


Anna Alderkamp

"Byte Size" #801

Hey all-time to start thinking about the spring/summer beer can schedule.
EYC's first Spring Twilight is only a month away.

Pariah will be doing the Encinal Spring and Summer Twilights.  It's every
other Friday evening in the Estuary, with Spring and Summer scored
separately.  It's spinnaker or non-spiinnaker.   We sailed non-spin last
year, and the only other boat in our class was a Harbor 20 that didn't
always come out.

So-calling all Estuary Tunas-let's all sail the same series together so we
have a nice big fleet.  I vote for EYC non-spin because Friday sailing is a
great way to kick off the weekend, the boat's already in the water and
ready to go if you're sailing that weekend, it's a fun but mellow course,
BBQ aat the club after, and OD is more fun that getting mowed down by big
PHRF boats in the same class

Doesn't that sound great????

Mike Kennedy
Pariah #146
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