[Santana 22] Tuna rigging

Andrew Tamm ahtamm at gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 10:54:54 EDT 2016


I'm rebuilding a Tuna and where I am (Seattle) I have a decided lack of
these boats to compare rigging to. I've gone through nearly every picture
of the nationals on the santana22.org site, but I had some questions I'm
hoping some people could answer:

1) I see that most of the boats aren't rigged for spinnakers. Is that a
fleet thing in SF?
2) Some boats (this one for example: http://santana22.org/photos/566.jpg)
have some sort of plastic level between the boom and the bottom part of the
mast where I'd expect to see the boom vang. What is this?
3) I can't find any requirements on the line sizes. Is there any
suggestions on replacing pretty much everything (most of the rope is stiff
and covered in algae so I'll be replacing it)?

Thanks in advance,

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