[Santana 22] Tuna rigging

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Hi Andrew,

	This is what we use. Your results may vary as ours certainly do:

Halyards 8mm
Control lines 4.5mm
Main sheet (double haul) 9mm, more for good handing than strength
Jib sheets (Single) 6mm, (double haul) 5mm
Topping lift 1/4 in, it’s old
Foreguy 1/4in
Spinnaker sheets (heavy air) 6mm, (light air) 4.5mm
Vang 3.5 Amsteel

All very subjective and depending on use as the spin sheets that came with the boat were used to race the Farallones and could have moored the Enterprise.

Santa Cruz
> On Aug 8, 2016, at 12:52 PM, Daniel Carnahan <dan at skipperdan.com> wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> Here are my thoughts, for what it's worth!
> 1. There are several of us on SF Bay that sail with spinnakers regularly.  I race weekly in the Carquinez Strait, and I always plan to have it up!   In the beer can and phrf races I'm in, I can't not fly a spinnaker and expect to have a decent finishing.
> To add a spinnaker to the boat, I researched and acquired all of the hardware, lines, sails (multiple kites) and planned out how/where everything should mount and run, etc.
> 2. In your photo, I believe that plastic thing keeps the boom from bashing the deck when you take the main down (notice - no topping lift!).
> 3. For line sizes, I'm pretty much down to all 1/4" or 3/8" to reduce weight.
> Hope that helps!
> Dan
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>> Hi,
>> I'm rebuilding a Tuna and where I am (Seattle) I have a decided lack of
>> these boats to compare rigging to. I've gone through nearly every picture
>> of the nationals on the santana22.org site, but I had some questions I'm
>> hoping some people could answer:
>> 1) I see that most of the boats aren't rigged for spinnakers. Is that a
>> fleet thing in SF?
>> 2) Some boats (this one for example: http://santana22.org/photos/566.jpg)
>> have some sort of plastic level between the boom and the bottom part of the
>> mast where I'd expect to see the boom vang. What is this?
>> 3) I can't find any requirements on the line sizes. Is there any
>> suggestions on replacing pretty much everything (most of the rope is stiff
>> and covered in algae so I'll be replacing it)?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Andrew
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