[Santana 22] Dry sailing advice

Jan Grygier hydrophilos at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 17 10:37:34 EDT 2019


It depends on the crane - at RYC you don't need to remove the backstay, 
just pull the starboard guy rope attached to the internal sling a bit 
more than the port one so boat leans away from the crane (for safety 
since you know it will fall away from you, and to keep mast away from 
top of crane).  In Monterey and Santa Cruz the crane comes in from the 
end and you do have to take out backstay.

People run a rope attached to main halyard down to a cleat behind the 
shrouds, though depending on your mast foot and step it *might* stay up 
without it :)

Jan Grygier

Carlos, #320


On 7/17/2019 6:56 AM, Andrew Tamm wrote:
> Hey,
> I was wondering if anyone has any experience in dry sailing the 
> Santana 22, specifically I'm having issues with the backstay clearing 
> the boom of the lift. I can usually get it by adjusting the side lines 
> to lean the boat as it's coming up, but I was wondering if this is the 
> right or only way. Does anyone have any experience with taking down 
> the backstay while lifting the boat? Is the backset of the shrouds 
> enough to keep the mast stable?
> Thanks,
> Andrew
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