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Shoot, I sent mine off before I saw Pat's addendum. Apologies for the email
For clarification, PICYA is the umbrella organization of Bay Area YC's, if
you are a member of a "recognized yacht club" it is probably a member of
PICYA.  If there  are lots of flags from other clubs around your clubhouse
then you probably have reciprocal priviledges and don't have to pay for the
guest dock, but presumably Corinthian knows who's on their "free list", ask
them when you call to reserve.
I think most people are planning on sailing back home Sat afternoon, so
don't worry about being beat to the punch...
Jan Grygier, PhD
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Rich and I have run into several bumps in the road on the way to tomorrow's
CYC Tuna Clinic, so I think you should include the following in your email
to everyone:

1. All skippers must sign the CYC waiver. Rich Korman has copies and will
take care of submitting them to the CYC authorities.

2. Overnighting. Here is the CYC policy on overnighting.

Guest Dock

Our guest dock is aft of slip A-14 at the end of the "A" berthing line,
which is the southernmost berthing line, on the extreme left, as you enter
the harbor (see map below).

* the Guest Dock is for temporary use only.
* In order to provide maximum accommodation for visiting yachts, it is
necessary to restrict use of the guest dock to boats under 52' in length.
* Regardless of your intended length of stay, kindly contact the Club office
or Harbor Master before leaving your home port to ensure space availability.
* Upon arrival at the CYC harbor, check in and register with a Club official
(Office or Harbor Master) and sign the Club's guest register.
* The presentation of a current membership card from a recognized PICYA club
is also required.
* Guest tie-ups are $1.00 per linear foot per night. The first night is free
for members of clubs extending the same courtesy to Corinthian cruisers.
* Kindly check out with the Club office prior to departure.

I think the bottom line is that only PICYA club members may stay overnight
at the guest dock, and that members of clubs that do not have reciprocal
agreements should expect to be charged $22.00 for staying.


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