[Santana 22] S22 Fleet meeting, Fri March 7, 7 pm @ Pineapple sails in Alameda

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Fri Mar 7 12:14:23 EST 2014

Hi all,
Hope to see you at our annual fleet meeting tonight, 7 pm at Pineapple
sails, 2526 Blanding Ave, Alameda, CA 94501

Please dress warmly as the loft isn't heated.

We'll have a sign in sheet and you can pay your dues of $35. Please bring
cash or preferably, a check made out to Wayne Best. If you can't make it,
please send your dues to:

Wayne Best
47 Maywood Way
San Rafael, CA 94901

We could still use a few experienced people to be mentors. The  idea is to
pair newcomers to the with an experienced skipper who will answer all your
questions and hopefully sail with you once or twice, or shanghai you into
being racing crew.

The agenda will be

1. round of introductions
2. 2013 awards
3. intro to racing rules (Garth Copenhaver)
4. mentor program, who can we couple?
5. white sails series (see below)
6. spinnaker series (see below)
7. start clinic (Frank and Cathy volunteered)
8. match racing
9. spinnaker clinic at TI (Anna can organize this at TI)
10. round if anyone has anything to bring up
        -women's regatta's
        -nationals at Monterey July 25-27
        -boats should be class legal to race


5. White sails series

For the white sails series everyone seems to be happy to do the YRA ODCA
series and the Saturday of the Wheeler regatta. This gives us 15 races over
7 days. The YRA has added more southbay races to give us a bit mellower
conditions in the summer. The question we'd like to put to the fleet is if
you'd like to add the Saturday of the Great Pumpkin regatta to the series.
3 races, October 25. Traditionally this is a spinnaker race, but lately we
haven't had many participants. So we'd like to hold a vote if we should add
it to the white sails series. It's a really fun race with mellow conditions
so it would be fun to see a good turnout. On the other hand, because of the
mellow conditions it is a great race to sail with spinnakers. Even though
the spinnaker series has not seen many participants in the last 3 years,
having a spinnaker series does appear to attract new quality sailors to the
fleet, so it would be good to keep a good series going and the Pumpkin
could be part of that, as there don't seem to be many alternatives, see
below. So please let us know your thoughts and we'll put it out for a vote

*White sails series:*

Wheeler regatta Saturday

Saturday 12 April - 3 races

 YRA spring series:
Circle Race 1*2*
Circle Race 2*3*
Knox Bonita*4*
Knox Bonita Race 2*5*
South Bay Race 1*6*
South Bay Race 2 YRA summer series
Southampton Race 1*2*
Southampton Race 2*3*
Circle Race 1*4*
Circle Race 2*5*
South Bay Race 1*6*
South Bay Race 2

6. Spinnaker series

For the spinnaker series we included the Sunday of the Wheeler regatta last
year, which was nice.

The PC series does not seem ideal for Santanas this year. The Vallejo race
is always a blast, but I'm not sure about the westpoint regatta to Sequoia
YC in Redwood city. This is a long way to sail back on Sunday, even though
the tide seems favorable. The 2nd half opener is weekend after nationals in
Monterey, so for people who are planning to go down to Monterey that will
be too much, and finally, the season closer is always a wash and I have
never been able to finish those. So this leaves the spinnaker series a bit
thin if the fleet decides to add the Great Pumpkin to the white sails

The Great Vallejo Race I*2*
The Great Vallejo Race II*3*
The Westpoint Regatta*4*
The 2nd Half Opener Bonita Race*5*
The 2nd Half Opener Escape Alcatraz Race*6*
The Season Closer Island Tour Regatta*7*
The Season Closer Crazy 8 Regatta

Spinnaker sailors, please let us know your thoughts!

Jennifer and Anna

On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 9:22 PM, Santana22 San Francisco <
santana22sfbay at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Tuna skippers,
> It's time for our yearly fleet meeting in the sail loft of Pineapple sails
> in Alameda to discuss the upcoming season. PLease let me know if you're
> planning to come, the fleet will get pizza, if you can bring some drinks to
> share it would be great! The address is:
> 2526 Blanding Ave, Alameda, CA 94501
> Please dress warmly as the loft isn't heated.
> *Mentor program!*
> The S22 fleet has a mentor program for new members. The idea is to pair
> newcomers to the with an experienced skipper who will answer all your
> questions and hopefully sail with you once or twice, or shanghai you into
> being racing crew. Please let me know if you are interested in being a
> mentor or mentee and we'll try to pair you up.
> *Racing!*
> The YRA expanded the white sails series back to 6 race days (12 races) and
> the cityfront is back (albeit early in the season, so it should be less
> brutal). It is our suggestion to do that series as the main part of our
> white sails series. You can now sign up for the spring races and summer
> races individually, in case you're really busy for part of the season. The
> dates are:
> April 26 (city front)
> May 31 (Olympic Circle)
> June 21 (Southampton)
> July 12 (South Bay)
> August 9 (Southampton)
> September 6 (South Bay)
> Do we want any white sails races in addition to that, to give people a
> flavor for some racing outside of the YRA?  In the past we have done the
> Wheeler regatta (this year on April 12), which was a lot of fun. Any other
> suggestions? It looks like the Sarcoma Cup will not be organized this year.
> Or is 6 race days with 12 races plenty, please let me know what you think.
> Who wants to do some spinnaker sailing? (me! me! pick me!). For the
> spinnaker series we have done the PC series from the YRA for the last
> couple of years, is that something we want to do again? Or does anyone have
> any suggestions for other races, perhaps some sheltered races on the
> Estuary that could be fun? The PC series is as follows:
> May 3 & 4 (Vallejo race)
> July 5 (Westpoint regatta, to Sequoya YC, new this year)
> Aug 2 & 3 2nd half opener ( one weekend after the Nat'ls, so perhaps a bit
> close)
> Sept 27 & 28 season closer
> And the Great Pumkin Regatta is a fun race in mellower conditions for
> spinnaker sailing
> October 25 & 26 (Great Pumpkin, Southampton)
> It keeps being a struggle to find enough boats for the spinnaker series,
> so please let me know if you have any ideas for fun races. We could add the
> Sunday of the Wheeler regatta, like we did last year. As a first suggestion
> I propose:
> Sunday of the Wheeler regatta- April 13 (or the Saturday, if we don't do
> that as part of the white sails series)
> Vallejo May- 3 & 4
> Sat of the Great Pumpkin- Oct 25
> This avoids the 2nd half opener, which is very close to the Nat'ls and the
> season closer, which I've never been able to finish. Again, let me know if
> you have any suggestions.  lt would be fun to add a low-key event on the
> estuary or close to Sausalito.
> *More fun!*
> Finally, We hope to have your help in organizing a start practice session
> on Treasure Island like we have done in the past and we'd love to organize
> a match racing session again, as that was a blast last year. Please let me
> know if you'd like to organize any of these, or something else that you
> think might be fun.
> *Don't forget!*
> -July 25-27 (Nationals, Monterey)
> -please bring $35 in fleet dues.
> To get an idea about the next season, please let us know:
> -if you're coming to the fleet meeting (so we can get enough pizza)
> -if you are planning to race white sails (or why not if not)
> -if you are planning to race spinnaker
> -if you can help with organizing
> -anything else that can help us being a more fun and friendly fleet
> We'd particularly like to hear from new members, even if you cant make it
> to the fleet meeting, let us know what you think. And if you can make it,
> please stop by to get to know other skippers,
> Cheers, Jennifer and Anna
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