Protests and 3 Minute Justice

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Ok, I have no idea where I got my earlier statement cuz I just looked back
at the SIs and they are crystal clear on this subject BUT I do agree with
Chad, since we run college style races and a 720 will take you from 1st to
last pretty quickly, perhaps a 360 is a more appropriate penalty for our
fleet. I also think it's important to note here that you must be CLEAR of
all other boats while making your penalty turn i.e. you can not spin while
on the reach "leg" to the offset, you need to get clear of boats next to
you, and boat coming from behind you that might want to go high. This is
just an example that I have seen, but of course it applies to all legs and
all POS.

On Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 10:28 AM, Chad Gray <chad.gray at> wrote:

> Section 8 of the NOR/SIs on the homepage seems to say 720
> at any mark including starting pin.
> where are you seeing 360 at the start?
> I would like to throw out there, however, the possibility of making it a
> one circle penalty in all cases.  This would be a change to the fleet SIs
> so would obviously require discussion and general consensus.
> My reasoning:
> (1) Given the shortness of our races and compression of the fleet, a 360
> is a pretty huge penalty, typically 3 to 5 places.  That's a sufficient
> deterrent.  A 720 is probably double that, or puts you so far back that the
> rest of the race is catch up
> (2) We're struggling to get compliance with people accepting their
> penalties, and we clearly don't have a well functioning off the water
> protest system (though I wholeheartedly agree that we should).  A 360
> penalty is less severe, and therefore less likely to be ignored entirely
> (3) There is always confusion about whether it's one or two circles,
> whether you're at 4-3-2 boat lengths, whether the guy spinning did one or
> two circles etc...  Are you spinning for a foul or a hit mark?  A flat one
> circle would be simpler.
> I'm not suggesting that we water down the rules just because people refuse
> to follow them, just that we should reconsider the 2 circle penalty and
> decide whether that makes sense for our racing format and level of
> seriousness
> Chad
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> On Jun 13, 2013, at 9:13 AM, Madeline Eustis <mfeustis at> wrote:
> Small question/possible correction:
> My reading of the SIs indicates that fouls at marks and finish mandate a
> 720, whereas all other fouls (including the start) are only a 360.
> Comments?
> Maddy
> On Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 9:06 AM, Claire Hulse <claire.hulse at>wrote:
>> Fleet:
>> I think we can all agree that it's best to resolve any differences on the
>> water by spinning circles when you foul (reminder: 2 circles for fouls at a
>> mark or start/finish, 1 circle elsewhere).
>> That said, the scorers / co-chairs have been hearing grumbling / pleading
>> when entering scores about how some boats aren't spinning when fouling.
>> Instead of pleading your case while we're entering scores, *please
>> consider using the 3 min justice system, and reporting the results to the
>> scorers / co-chairs*.  This is a good explanation of 3 min justice:
>> To avoid burdening the fleet with too much procedure and formality, this is
>> the ONLY mechanism for resolving penalties off the water (other than
>> voluntarily withdrawing from a race).  We will amend the SIs to reflect
>> this long-standing fleet practice.
>> Relatedly, if you help out with a rescue or drive a rescue boat (see the
>> SIs), please let the scorers know which races you assisted in.
>> Yours in the Corinthian spirit,
>> Claire
>> Thurs Night Co-Chair
>> and
>> Steve
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